Annual Gala Allstar

Iris Lily

Iris Lilly

The NRMC Foundation is honored to have Iris Lilly as one of its 2024 Gala Cancer champions, celebrating her resilience and courage throughout her journey. Iris Lilly’s cancer journey began with a missed annual mammogram, prompting her physician to reach out and schedule her appointment. What followed was a series of tests, starting with a mammogram, then an ultrasound and ending with a biopsy. Throughout the process, the support of her medical team kept her calm, preventing panic until the biopsy results arrived. After the biopsy confirmed her diagnosis of cancer, Iris’s courageous fight against the disease truly began, fueled by determination and supported by the unwavering care of NRMC’s dedicated team.
Opting for treatment at home rather than traveling, Iris underwent radiation and hormone therapy at NRMC’s Cancer Center. Dr. Richards and Dr. Akhtar provided comfort and clarity, explaining her treatments and what to expect. Trusting her doctors implicitly, Iris allowed them to guide her through life-changing decisions regarding her treatment plan. Expressing her gratitude, Iris credits Dr. Ball and his surgical team for their expertise and care during her treatment, highlighting their pivotal role in her journey to recovery.
Iris appreciated the convenience of receiving treatment just down the road from her office at CASA. Throughout her journey, CASA provided unwavering support, while the entire cancer center, from receptionists to lab staff, rallied behind her.
The comprehensive care provided by NRMC’s cancer center not only addressed Iris’s physical needs but also nurtured her mental well-being, ensuring she felt supported every step of the way. If you would like to honor Iris’s journey and support the NRMC Cancer Center’s vital work, please consider making a donation today.

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