Annual Gala Allstar

Eliza Behrendsen

The reason we moved to Natchitoches is because my mom’s breast cancer had metastasized and I wanted our children to know her and how fantastic she was. Ann Williams Brittain is the true All Star in our lives. She showed us how living with cancer should be done.

Several years later my mother-in-law, who lived with us, was diagnosed with breast cancer. We watched her dignity and Grace through her ordeal. When it was my turn, my sister, Dr. Cissy, was the first to show concern for the lump in my right breast. I should have known something was wrong, because she stopped by my house every day until I got the actual diagnosis. However, I didn’t know for sure, until I walked into Dr Ball’s office.

 At that time, I handled it like I normally do everything…point me in the right direction and I’ll fix it! Well, with Cancer, that’s not how it’s done! It took a group of caring, devoted medical professionals to cure me!  Thank goodness for the staff, the doctors, the nurses and the other patients because without them curing me was not possible. 

I loved being able to get up each morning, be the first one at the Radiation Center, get daily treatment from May to September and go to work at the Boys & Girls Club. Lastly, with my sisters, brothers, friends, children, and especially my husband, Gunnar, going through cancer was a humbling, loving and giving journey.  Everyday I’m more grateful for everyone and everything in my life!

Annual Gala Allstars